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Belle Feature #2- Molly

Happy Friday! Welcome to another feature of an amazing woman, friend, and customer of Belle & Whistles. She's outgoing, active, driven, silly, and sarcastic. She is Molly!  

Molly is a mom (both fur and human) to a little heart breaker named Luke, and two crazy pooches named Maple and Scott. 
Her sweet babe will be 1 in November. I met Molly in preschool actually, but became friends in middle school. It's crazy to see childhood friends with babies. A new concept to me and a beautiful one at that! On top of that, we both landed in the suburbs of Philadelphia so it is great to see life's little curve balls.

She's married to her best friend who loves pizza, wine, and Netflix as much as she does. Molly is a Reading Specialist and a fitness instructor. She loves trying new workouts, the beach, Penn State, sweatpants, and all things organization (planners, highlighters, mini-Post Its, etc...)

I have taken one of Molly's workout classes and basically crawled out of there. She even dragged me to Orange Theory Fitness in Paoli, PA once and I was HOOKED. Can we go back soon, Mol!? I'm just trying to be like Erin Andrews.

Talk about the cutest family ever? I think so! Molly has been an abundance of support throughout my journey with Belle & Whistles. On top of owning just about every item I've ever released for herself (haha), she has also decked out her hubby, son, and parents in my gear. Can't ask for a better friend in that aspect honestly. Let's get to know her a little more regarding the brand:

What brought you to Belle & Whistles initially? 
Nikki, duh :) But seriously... my first shirt order had me hooked. I ordered a Pittsburgh tank, and I have lived in it every since (I'm currently wearing it as I respond to these questions). I am addicted to the comfiness and quality of the shirts, the unique designs, and the care and dedication that Nikki puts into all of her clothing.

Favorite memory in your Belle & Whistles gear? 
My favorite memory in my B and W gear was wearing our Steelers shirts for a 5K race at the zoo. This was Luke's first race (in the stroller) and he loved it! It was a great family memory.

Molly has a jam-packed day as an active mama. Let's see what a normal day looks like for her.
-4:30 alarm to go to the gym or teach a class before the Master of the house wakes up
-When I am not at my regular job, I am a full time mom with little man. We play, go to the park, go to music or swim class, go for walks, plays with the crazy dogs, take naps, and snuggle.
-I usually end my day by cooking dinner, putting little man to bed, and catching up on shows with a glass of wine cuddled up next to the hubs.

Maybe she is cooking up for famous stuffed peppers from Skinny Taste. She will have to invite us over to find out!

When Molly gets some "me time" and isn't jamming to country music like Eli Young Band's summer hit "Saltwater Gospel" you'll find her looking for a good time out on the town.

"If we have a babysitter, our favorite date night is eating dinner somewhere but sitting at the bar instead of a standard table. My drink of choice is a dirty martini with blue-cheese stuffed olives. My go-to outfit is anything that doesn't have baby puke on it :)"

Funny story time! 
We went to our bestie's bachelorette party in Mexico back in June. We were on the plane back to Philadelphia and decided to get the "Happy Hour" package which was two glasses of wine each and two snacks. Because why not? Once we took the fancy foil off our wine (5 star, holla) we experienced AWFUL turbulence. So bad, that Molly's red wine went into the air and in on the light grey sweater of the girl in front of us. We contemplated tellling her, not telling her, telling her back and forth. We decided to tell her, offered to pay for dry cleaning, and continued on the flight watching Schitt's Creek on Netflix and chugging some vino. Cheers!

I hope you all loved getting to know Molly! Need one last thing to get a feel for the type of special woman she is? Here is one of her favorite quotes!

"Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things." - Joe Paterno

If you are interested in being featured, let me know!

XO- Nikki

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